How do we arrive at our training and marketing communication solutions?

• By listening to your specific situation and objectives.
• By drawing on our creativity and passion for communications excellence.
• By designing training programs that impact your unique challenges.
• By targeting marketing communications that move your audience to action.

We do this convinced that there’s no single communication methodology that works in every situation, for every audience.

 Below are some of the subjects in which we’ve designed training and communications programs for our clients in the past. But let’s not limit ourselves to this list here. If it has to do with communicating effectively, we can design a solution for you. Give us a call. We’ll brainstorm together, and get creative–even with the title of your program.

Team Building
DiSC Profiles
Presentation Skills
Facilitation Skills
Social Media for HCPs
Gamification / Challenge Programs
Adult Learning Styles
Active Listening Skills
Collaborative Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Conflict Resolution
Empathy / Dignity Skills
Persuasion / Influence Techniques
Business Etiquette
Media Skills
Objection Handling
Case-Based Presentations

Additional Services:

Mobile Learning Apps
Private Coaching Sessions
Video Coaching and Review
Team Pitch Tuning
Meeting Moderation / Facilitation
Conference Lead / Host
iPad / technology driven programs
Video Production
Voice Over Talent